The Battle of the Artists contest is a competition held between a few of the Wizzo Artists, five different artists will take part in the challenge, these are: Harry Rickard, Hannes Smit, Rose Edwards, Jonathan Barham and Kieren Gillespie.

What is it?Edit

In the Battle of the Artists contest, five artists must take on the challenge of coming up with a brand new series for the Wizzo, after a six week run, a vote will be on the website, the readers then vote on the two stories they'd like to see come back. After the votes are counted up, the runner-up will feature in the next issue. Then the winner will be revealed in the issue after that. The winner will have a 10 story run while the runner-up will have a 8 story run.

The CompetitorsEdit

Here are all the artists and their creations for the contest.

Harry Rickard - Imaginative ImogenEdit

Imogen is a 12 year old girl with a big imagination! All she has to do is imagine and she can do whatever she wants. However sometimes her imagination can create mayhem in the real world!

Hannes Smit - Benji the BearEdit

Benji is a bear who loves nothing more than scaring people! He gets on the villagers nerves by always scaring them away and then nicking their food (his favourite being cakes). However he's not the only animal around that loves a meal or two, Strewth, his arch nemesis is also always after food but he let's Benji do the dirty work then he pinches it off Benji for himself.

Rose Edwards - Deafening DelilahEdit

Delilah is a loud girl, a very loud girl indeed. She's so loud, she can't hear herself think! She annoys everyone in Quietville with her booming voice, let's just say she isn't the most popular girl in Quietville!

Jonathan Barham - The Party StopperEdit

The Party Stopper never gets invited to any parties because of his habit to gross people out, be majorly uncool and above all, put everyone off their food with his putrid face. Every time he tries to join in with a party he usually ends it straight away.

Kieren Gillespie - Dr. Do-a-LittleEdit

Dr. Do-a-Little is the worst doctor you've known, his surgery is a mess, he has foul habits and he has an awful attitude. It's a wonder he has any patients!