Bruiser is Tiny Tim's pet dog. He makes his debut appearance in The Wizzo in Issue 4, it is unknown how the family got Bruiser as he was not in previous issues. Bruiser is always behind Tiny Tim and always protects him from innocent, angry bystanders.


Bruiser is an unknown breed of dog, but unlike most dogs he has ginger fur. He is slightly based off The Beano's popular pet, Gnasher from Dennis and Gnasher. Bruiser's appearance has slightly changed since the original design, he now has a collar, exactly five sharp teeth visable, his nose is different and the structure of his face also slightly changed.

Comic StripEdit

Not only does Brusier appear as a main character in the Tiny Tim comic strip, but he also gets his own comic strip, entitled Bruiser, The Adventures of Tiny Tim's Pet Dog, this strip also appears in Issue 3. This comic strip is mainly based around Bruiser, Tim's Dad and Bruiser's best friend, Jack. Tiny Tim and his mum do also make appearances although not as often. This strip is illustrated by Harry Rickard and later on also Kieren Gillespie


  • He is slightly based off Dennis the Menace's dog Gnasher.
  • He was created by Kieren Gillespie.
  • Bruiser was originally just going to be an idea, but it wasn't until a few months later, that Harry decided to make him a comic strip.
  • In Issue 4, the title is written on the side of his kennel, this is a lot like Dennis the Menace's pig, Rasher because on that title, the name was written on his trough.