Frank's Footie Team

Frank's Footie Team Teaser Pic
Frank is the captain of the Wizzville Juniors.

Main Artist

Harry Rickard

Secondary Artist

Kieren Gillespie

Hair Colour


Shirt Colour

White with red stripe



First Appearance

Issue 2

Last Appearance


Frank's Footie Team is a comic strip that features in the Wizzo.

Frank plays for the Wizzville Juniors and is the captain of the team.

Recurring CharactersEdit


Frank is the captain of the team and also the striker. He is the main character of the comic strip. He is quite full of himself and believes he is the best footballer in the team (See Issue 3) however he is also kind and respects the other players.


Zac is one of Frank's best friends and plays in midfield. He is half Cypriot and has a black dot of hair on his head.


Sam is one of Frank's best friends and plays in defence. He has blonde hair with two spikes at the front.


Coach is the trainer and manager of the team. He first features in Issue 3 and then continues to appear after that. His real name is revealed to be Laurence Forteskew-Smith much to his embarrassment.

Other charactersEdit


Matt is the captain of the Wizzville Juniors' rivals. He is big headed and likes to boast. The two teams do not get on and each have their own rival.


David (nicknamed 'Lanks' for his height) is the striker for the team. He is incredibly tall and is very good at football.


Eddie features in the Christmas special. He destroys Frank's snowman by kicking a ball at it. He plays for the Wizzville Juniors and is disliked by the team for his bullying and annoying personality.


  • The comic was originally called Sam's Football Team, in which Sam was the coach and was created by Dan Riley, Harry liked the idea but wanted to change the name so he changed it to Frank's Footie Team.
  • The story was originally created by Dan Riley but is illustrated by Harry Rickard and Kieren Gillespie.