Freddy, from the Wizz Street Kids

Freddy is a character in The Wizzo's comic strip, The Wizz Street Kids. He was designed by Harry Rickard for the New Gang.


Originally Freddy started out in Wizard School, an un-used comic idea. He originally had ginger, curly, short hair, but his hair was re-designed to a Roger the Dodger-style and made blonde. When Kieren Gillespie created the Wizz Street Kids, Harry designed a New Gang to enter the strip. Freddy was then once again re-vamped, his style now brown long-ish hair and he was made shorter. He is one of Kieren's favourites out of the New Gang.


Freddy is probably going to be the sarcastic one out of the New Gang. His worst enemy is Titch, and the two have a grudge on each other. He is Alex's best friend and second in command. He is arguably one of the two most menacing kids in their gang.