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Harry is the main artist in The Wizzo

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September 2008

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Blong - Issue 1

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Harry Rickard is one of the main artists and the editor of the Wizzo comic.


Harry started when the Wizzo comic began, despite being the editor, he was not the founder of the comic itself, the founder was actually Myles King. Harry is arguably one of the best artists in the comic, and has been practicing for 2 years. He is responsible for the creations of most of the characters and most of the comic strips. He has roughly made over 40 comic strips for the Wizzo and has drawn most of the comic strip's for Issues 1 and 2. He is the only one of the original team who has not quit. He is loyal to the comic and will stay until the very end.


Harry Rickard started drawing cartoons at the age of 11 and has been working on them for over 3 years. He first started off copying Beano characters and made a book with all of his Beano drawings. Realising that he could draw free hand and didn't have to copy things he carried on drawing cartoons, but in different emotions and poses. He then went on to design his own cartoon characters, then in September 2008 he and two others made the Wizzo. Since then his drawings have improved more and more, he and Kieren Gillespie share and take techniques off each other.

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