The Wizzo - Issue 1

Issue 1

Issue 1
is the first Wizzo comic ever, it came out on Tuesday 8th September 2009 in Felpham Community College and then came out in Bishop Tufnell C.E Junior School on Wednesday 16th September 2009.


Blong by Harry Rickard

Zappy by Harry Rickard

Maddie Bout Money and Nora Penny by Harry Rickard

POST by Harry Rickard and Alex Davies

Mr Clocky Jokes by Harry Rickard

Chav by Harry Rickard

WizzHouse by Harry Rickard and Alex Davies

Joust Joking by Harry Rickard

Patrick the Prankster by Harry Rickard

Cookie's Guide to Cooking by Harry Rickard (picture) and Dan Riley (writing)

Arty's Know How by Dan Riley


  • Balloon was pink instead of red in this issue.
  • Despite there being a contents with page numbers, there were no page numbers on any of the comic strips!
  • In Patrick the Prankster and Maddie and Nora, there were find the character games, but they both featured characters such as The Crash Test Dummies, that didn't feature at the time, and SnakeMan and Melvar that were eventually scrapped.
  • At the bottom of the Zappy comic strip, there's a box saying 'Who's this? Find out in Issue 2' and pointing at Mrs A, it saying Mrs A underneath.
  • It says only Mrs A is a new character in Issue 2, even though this is the first appearnce for Tiny Tim, Frank's Footie Team and Jungle Jeopardy as well.
  • At the bottom of the Chav story it says that next issue is the Halloween Special, but the next issue is the Christmas Special.
  • In the Zappy comic strip, Zappy t-shirt changes 5 times, blue shirt with lightning bolt on it, blue shirt with 'Z' on it, green shirt with 'Z' on it (pyjamas), red shirt with 'Z' on it and finally red shirt with lightning bolt on it.
  • On the front cover Arty has blonde hair, but on 'Arty's Know How', his hair is ginger.
  • The competition never ended.
  • The competition's description ends halfway through a sentence.
  • On the front cover it originally said on Cookie's box, 'Cookie's got a recipe for you try', when Harry realised he'd gone wrong, he couldn't fit 'to' in so he put the number 2 in txt spk.
  • Each page in the comic was blank on one side, this was changed in Issue 2 where they made it double sided.
  • Only Harry Rickard, Dan Riley feature and Alex Davies feature in this issue, even though all the team are credited.