Issue 2 was the Christmas Special of 2009, had 8 extra pages, and was exclusive to the Felpham Community College Christmas Celebration.


Blong by Harry Rickard

Zappy by Harry Rickard

WizzHouse Part 2 by Kieren Gillespie

Cookie's Guide to Making Pigs in Blankets by Harry Rickard

Mrs A by Harry Rickard and Sam Jones (new strip)

Jungle Jeopardy by S.Nicholls (new strip)

WizzKids by Harry Rickard

Arty's Know How by Dan Riley and Harry Rickard

Tiny Tim by Harry Rickard (new strip)

Colour In by Harry Rickard (new)

Frank's Footie Team by Harry Rickard (new strip)

Chav and Jim by Harry Rickard

Joust Joking by Harry Rickard

Swotty's Brain Busters by Harry Rickard

POST and Balloon by Alex Davies and Harry Rickard

Front CoverEdit

The front cover was illustrated by Kieren Gillespie and edited by Harry Rickard (added price, page number and Charity)

There were also 25 copies in black and white of this comic which were only available on Thursday 10th December.


  • There were Black and White Wizzo comics as well as the usual Coloured ones.
  • The Black and White Contents was wrong.
  • As before in Issue 1, the team forgot to put page numbers on the pages despite having a contents.
  • In WizzKids it says 'Two Pages this month', but there's only one page.
  • In POST and Balloon, it says they go to the Cheese Factory, but they never get there.
  • In POST and Balloon, POST grows arms when he drives the car.
  • The car in POST and Balloon has a screen saying 'PSP not Connected'.
  • In POST and Balloon when they win a car and get to go to the Cheese Factory, they dance to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.
  • In POST and Balloon when their driving the car at 99 mph, the radio's playing 'Born to be Wild'.
  • In POST and Balloon, Alex starts off drawing it, then Harry, then finally Alex, with Harry drawing the policeman at the end.
  • On Arty's Know How Page 2, it says on the side, 'Harry Rickard and', Dan was then supposed to sign it but forgot to.
  • Frank's Footie Team Page 1 was drawn in June 2009, whereas Page 2 was drawn in September 2009.
  • On Cookie's page it says that he's making Pigs in Blankets, when really they are Sausage Rolls.
  • The Colour In is about football, but does not feature Frank.