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Jim isn't as gangsta. :(

Main Artist


Secondary Artist


Hair Colour


Shirt Colour

Blue with 'SK8' on



First Appearance

Issue 2

Last Appearance


Jim and Chav are best of friends, Jim wears a beanie which covers his eyes. In Issue 2 the title is changed from Chav to Chav and Jim. The title box has a picture of Chav and written on his nose reads 'Chav', then on Jim's beanie it says 'and Jim' with a picture of the halfpipe behind them.

Creation of JimEdit

Jim was thought up and drawn by Hannes. He was meant to be a re-design for Chav but Issue 1 had already gone on sale. His name was just a joke and was thought up so that they would have a name to call Chav 's new friend, but Harry Rickard thought he was being serious, so the name stuck.