Jumbo Jet

Jumbo Jet
Jumbo Jet tries to fly over a ravine, failing every time.

Main Artist

Hannes Smit

Secondary Artist


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Jumbo Jet, The Wackiest Elephant you've ever Met!

First Appearance

Issue 3

Last Appearance


Jumbo Jet is a character in the Wizzo drawn by Hannes Smit. The story is about an elephant who sets the goal to get over a large ravine and his numerous attempts.


Jumbo Jet was created at school by Harry Rickard and Hannes Smit one day. It was decided that Hannes should draw him, as it would mean he could join The Wizzo. He went away and drew his idea of what Jumbo Jet should look like and Harry was so amazed he immediately hired him. Hannes redesigned Jumbo Jet for Issue 3 as the original, mono-eyed version proved difficult to draw.


Jumbo Jet is a big grey elephant. He used to have a mono eye, but later he was redesigned with two black eyes, similar to Blong's.


  • Jumbo Jet was going to have a monkey friend called Dave, however it is unsure as of yet if Dave will ever appear.