Lanky is a character who features in The Wizzo's comic strip, The Wizz Street Kids, in which he is in the New Gang.

Lanky, from the Wizz Street Kids


Lanky's name is just right for him, he's the tallest out of all the Wizz Street Kids. This sometimes proves as a disadvantage, as he cannot hide very easily, making it almost impossible for suprise ambushes on the other kids.


Lanky is one of the main three, on the New Gang's side. He is a menace and enjoys running after the other kids, as his long legs mean that he can take longer steps and easily catch up with the other kids. He's generally loyal towards his team and tries to always win.


  • Lanky is roughly based off Wizzo artist, Hannes Smit.
  • His worst enemy is Titch.
  • He was designed when Harry Rickard was doing random doodles.
  • He's the only one out of the New Gang who wasn't going to feature in Wizard School.