Reaven Hackett was an artist who works for The Wizzo.


Reaven Hackett was hired briefly in October 2009, but quit abrubtly in November 2009. During his short time in the Wizzo, he created a comic strip called Spike and the Gang, a comic strip which was rejected due to the characters and stories was too much like Chav and Jim. However Spike did make a cameo appearance in Chav and Jim in Issue 2 in the first panel where he is snapping a skateboard in half after hearing the skate park has been closed. Another reason why Spike and the Gang was not used was because Reaven wanted to the WizzTeam to pay for his creations to be used, he wanted £2.00 for only Spike and one member of his gang. The WizzTeam said they wouldn't have him in the comic, Reaven then quit the next day.

Brief return to the WizzoEdit

Reaven returned to the Wizzo comic in April 2010, he was not hired straight away though, first Harry Rickard wanted to see him draw his best. Reaven then determined to be re-hired, also made up two very clever comic strip ideas. He was then re-hired but this time as a script-writer.

Firing Edit

Harry fired Reaven after he became lazy and distracted the rest of the team from working.

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