Snakeman (a.k.a James Connor Phillips) was a superhero.


It all starts when 14 year old James Phillips is going on a school trip to Wizzville Zoo. They go around looking at the animals before them. James starts taking photos of the creatures with his camera. The teacher then calls them back, they then go off to have a talk with the zoo-keeper, as they walk along, James and Marco start taking more pictures. Then Marco spots where the snakes are, being impatient he runs off to look at the snakes but there are too many people there, for him to see the reptiles. He then spots a gate, he climbs over it, to see if he can see them, meanwhile James is still looking for Marco, he then spots the snakes, he then remebers that Marco loves snakes. He runs through the gate and sees Marco scared stiffed. James goes over to see what's wrong. A snake then hangs down and tries to bite Marco. Marco screams and runs off, into a cave where a big Rattle Snake is. James thinking quickly runs after Marco. Marco screams with horror as the snake comes closer and closer. James runs over, picks up the snake and throws it to one side. As he does so, the snake takes a bite out of his arm. James screams with pain. The zoo-keeper then hears the screeching and runs into the snake enclosure and dials for an ambulance. Next moment James is lying in a hospital bed. He can't remember much. Marco, the headmaster, his parents and the doctor are watching over him. The doctor then says he's been poisoned, but has miraculously survived. That night he hears footsteps, it's pitch black, but after the bite, he can see more clearly in the dark. He looks at the window to see it's been smashed through. He then gets out of bed, the burglar is in the room opposite, a doctor is lying on the ground after being knocked out cold. James sneaks up behind the burglar, and takes a big blow to the burglar's chest, the burglar then turns round screaming. James then smacks him round the face using his scaled fist. The burglar then drops to the ground in agony. James rings up the police to come and fetch the burglar. After that night, James is feeling fine. Somehow the snake's bite made him feel hardly no pain. When he goes home that afternoon, he sees a car speeding past, with the police chasing it . James the runs up to his room, he puts on a crash helmet and a padded suit. He then jumps out of his window and starts to chase after the burglars. And this is how Snakeman was born!


Snakeman left in 2010