Team Time

Team Time Pic
Team Time is about 3 different kids from different time zones.

Main Artist

Josh Champion

Secondary Artist


Hair Colour


Shirt Colour

TIMMY: Red, TIMOTHY: Black suit, TINNY: Grey



First Appearance

Issue 5

Last Appearance


Team Time is a strip in The Wizzo that was designed, written and drawn by Josh Champion and created by brother Max Champion. They join the comic in Issue 5 with a special front cover celebrating their arrival.


Timothy Edit

Timothy is from 1911, he is quite posh and is not used to the strange gadgets of the 21st century.


Timmy is from 2011, he discovers Timothy and Tinny after accidently starting up a magical tractor on his uncle's farm which gives the rider access to travel through time exactly 100 years forward or back.


Tinny is from 2111, he finds 2011 boring because in 100 years, Earthlings have advanced and now have cooler gadgets.


The three characters meet when Timmy goes back in time after starting up the mysterious tractor on his uncle's farm. After meeting Timothy and Tinny they then go back to present day, 2011 to discover that the tractor has been sold by his uncle meaning Timothy and Tinny are stuck in present day.


  • Timothy is in black and white.
  • Team Time was originally going to be a webcomic made by Josh Champion and was going to be in black and white.