The Mud Fighters

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The one issue wonder.

Main Artist

Jonathan Barham

Secondary Artist


Hair Colour


Shirt Colour

One has a red jumper, the other a blue coat.



First Appearance

Issue 4

Last Appearance

Issue 4

The Mud Fighters is a story in the The Wizzo which began and ended its series in Issue 4.

Plot Edit

It focuses around 2 people who are known as the Mud Fighters. They find a target, shout "MUD FIGHT!", and pelt mud balls at the target. It is written and drawn by Jonathan Barham. The strip starts and ends in Issue 4.


  • The Mud Fighters is the first comic strip to only feature in one issue. Other one issue wonders include Mr Clocky (being a half page of just clock jokes) and Colour In.
  • The first Mud Fighters featuring Pongy the Pig was originally not going to be a Mud Fighters strip but a Pongy the Pig story instead, however Pongy the Pig was dropped instead being replaced by the Mud Fighters.