The Wee Musketeer Pic

The Wee Musketeer doing what he does best! Drawn by Max Champion

The Wee Musketeer is a half pager strip written and drawn by Max Champion. The story is introduced in Issue 5. The Wee Musketeer consists of a small French child and his love for sword fighting. He can sometimes be a little menace and other times help people using his sword, but usually it's to fight his mates! The title is a pun on the well known story 'The Three Musketeers' and the comic was very loosely based on 'Dogtanion' . (A childrens show from the 1980's)


The little kidEdit

hes the MAIN charcter

That little kid in blueEdit

hes blue

Wizzo Annual 2012Edit

Max will draw three stories in the annual for The Wee Musketeer, two being a half pagers and the other being a full page.