WizzHouse is a comic strip that features in the Wizzo.


The characters first discover the mirror when they are playing a game of hide and seek, and Jack can't find anywhere to hide, he then spots a door in the tree, they then go through the door, and see the mirror.


A clever girl who can always get the team out of trouble.


The confident boy who isn't afraid of anything.


The boy who doesn't believe he can do much, he's generally unlucky.


The team get transported from time to time to find the missing 10 glass pieces of the old, broken mirror who has trapped them.

Places they go...Edit

Ancient Rome (they get caught and are made to become slaves) Harry Rickard

Wild West (the boys are arrested leaving Amy stuck) Kieren Gillespie

Ancient Egypt (they get made to work as slaves and discover a secret tomb) Harry Rickard

Victorians (the boys get made to work up chimneys and discover a fascinating secret!) Kieren Gillespie

Tudors (they must work on a farm but at night a thief steals the livestock and Jack) Harry Rickard

Ancient Olympics (the boys are entered into the olympics) Kieren Gillespie

Pirate Ages (they get caught for trespassing and are thrown overboard and made to live on a small island) Harry Rickard

Medieval Ages (another army attack the castle and their king has the mirror piece!) Kieren Gillespie

The Future (they meet them in the future and with their help they must save WizzVille from the evil clutches of Dr Time) Harry Rickard and Kieren Gillespie Two Parter!

The comic strip then ends in Issue 11.

It then returns with three new kids in Issue 17.

Max- A computer whizz-kid, 13

Sophie- A clever girl who is alike Amy, 12

Sam- A kid who's athletic and agile, 12

The story is the same with the mirror but they go to different places...