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Blong is the main character of the Wizzo comic. He started off in the comic in Issue 1 and has never missed out on an issue. Blong was designed by Harry Rickard in early 2008 while he was on holiday, he was going to be in a comic made up by Harry called the Galaxy, this also featured Maddie Bout Money and Nora Penny, Chav and Zappy. Originally the Wizzo comic was going to be called the Hero comic, with Blong as the bad guy, this idea was then scrapped, the Wizzo came about. Blong was always planned to be a silent comic and originally all Blong could say was bad language, all the words appearing in funny pictures signs. However this idea to was soon scrapped. In January 2010, Hannes drew Blong as a dog, it was then decided that this should be Blong's pet dog. Many names were suggested, the final name being Rover. At one point in the comic, Dan Riley decided there should be a narrator, however it didn't prove to be very popular and after only one comic strip, it was changed back to normal. Wizzo fans, James Hamilton and Chay Whiston designed their own Blong stories which were then redrawn by Harry Rickard and were to be put in Issue 3. Blong has still proven popular, and has since then gone on to be drawn by Hannes Smit and Kieren Gillespie

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