The Wizzprentice was a challenge that lasted for 6 weeks.

It lasted from 2nd June 2009- 21 July 2009


Hannes Smit

Myles King

Alex Davies

Sam Jones *

* Sam Jones quit from the Wizzo after finishing Task 4.

Task 1Edit

Make a comic character give description and colour it in.


4th Alex Davies (Melvar Thy Magician)

3rd Myles King (Moo)

2nd Hannes Smit (1/2 point) (Spaceman Sam)

1st Sam Jones (whole point) (Terrible Terrior and Unfortunate Andy)

Task 2Edit

Make a comic strip on your made up character, add colour.


4th Myles King

3rd Sam Jones

2nd (half point) Alex Davies (1/2 point)

1st (whole point) Hannes Smit (1 point)

Task 3 Edit

We give you each a 'tough' interview, asking you important things about the Wizzo.


4th Hannes Smit

3rd Alex Davies

2nd Sam Jones (half point)

1st Myles King (whole point)

Task 4Edit

Name as many Wizzo characters in 1 minute as possible and make a comic strip for any character...


4th *

3rd Sam Jones

2nd Myles King (half point)

1st Alex Davies (whole point)

  • Hannes Smit was absent that day, and automatically became last.

Task 5Edit

Design a front cover for the Wizzo Annual 2011 or make a poster advertising the Wizzo.


4th * 3rd Alex Davies

2nd Myles King (there were no points this round)

1st Hannes Smit (there were no points in this round)

  • At this point, Sam Jones unexpectedly quit.

Task 6Edit

Make 3 comic strips with full colour of characters that Dan Riley and Harry Rickard choose for you.


3rd Alex Davies

2nd Myles King (half point)

1st Hannes Smit (whole point)

Overall ResultsEdit

3rd Place: Alex Davies (1 1/2 points)

2nd Place: Myles King (2 points)

1st Place: Hannes Smit (2 1/2 points)

Wizzprentice 2010Edit

Coming soon in June 2010, the Wizzprentice returns, but this time with seven tasks, participating will be...

Hannes Smit

Kieren Gillespie

Myles King

Alex Davies

Reaven Hackett